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The Week In Entrepreneurship 18th March 2019














·         Competition policy must change to help startups fight ‘winner takes all’ platforms, say UK report (TechCrunch covers government’s ‘Unlocking digital competition’review)

·         Businesses urged to ‘do more’ to win public contracts (BBC covers government plans to demand businesses help to improve society)

·         Veuve Clicquot business women awards unveil shortlist (London Loves Business)

·         Crackdown on late payments that close 50,000 firms a year: What the Spring Statement means for small businesses (This is Money)

·         One in four women has been sexually harassed at a tech conference, study finds (CityAM covers Ensono survey)














·         Government’s refusal to help small businesses is destroying them (Rohan Silva, co-founder, Second Home)

·         How we can support the next generation of young entrepreneurs? Let’s start with £160m (Kelly Tolhurst MP, small business minister)

·         Facebook is not a monopoly, but it should be broken up (Anotonio Garcia Martinez, contributor, Wired)

·         The rise of the humble entrepreneur (Maud Camus, PR & comms, The Family)

·         30 years since the dawn of the World Wide Web, Britain is still at the heart of tech success (Jeremy Wright MP, culture secretary)

·         Why the UK’s have-a-go games scene is cause for celebration (Paul Sulyok, founder & CEO, Green Man Gaming)























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