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Staffordshire University Business Clubs

**Please see our Eventbrite Hub to view the latest clubs or book our upcoming events**


The Business Clubs, held quarterlyprovide free, friendly, semi-formal events which bring in industry experts to deliver a keynote talk on specific business related topics.  We are passionate about engaging speakers who are engaging with varying levels of knowledge on their topic. Our speakers are committed to providing ‘bit sized take-aways’ to action for an immediate impact.

These clubs are an opportunity for all small to medium sized businesses across the region to come together and promote your business and make contacts with potential customers and suppliers alike.  They are also an opportunity, if you so wish, to collaborate with Staffordshire University, and to see in what ways we can work with you to help move your business forwards.

Typical attendance is 50-80 delegates per event.

We hold our events at the Stoke campus and are happy to consider other locations if the demand is there from local businesses.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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