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Ranjit Bansal


Hello, I’m Ranjit and I specialise in marketing and communications for small businesses and social enterprises. 

 I’ve have over 20 years’ experience of advising / guiding / mentoring all kinds of businesses and particularly enjoy working with new entrepreneurs. Eight years ago I set up Dynamic Marketing, my own marketing consultancy, the best decision I ever made. So I’m really excited for your enterprise journey and how I can support your road to success. 

 I can provide you with mentoring support to: 

  • Explore and refine your business idea – researching the market, competition, testing viability 
  • Identify potential customers and how to reach them 
  • Define your brand  
  • Develop your marketing strategy 
  • Produce your communications toolkit 

 I’m friendly and approachable, well networked with other business professionals, and can offer independent thinking, challenge and motivation to keep you on track when you need it.   

 Find out more about me and my work by visiting or look me up on LinkedIn.  

 Good luck!  

 Book an appointment with Ranjit by Email: or Phone: 07725053355.  

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