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Phil Beardmore


Green Leader and Cooperator   

 What can you contribute to a pre-start entrepreneur over the first year in business? 

  •  I am a doer; the best time to start taking action on an idea is now  
  •  I show enthusiasm for your ideas and passions 
  •  I have been there at the set up of businesses myself and have an understanding of the uncertainties you face  
  •  I demonstrate the power of goal setting  
  •  I am values-led  
  •  I understand impostor syndrome  

 Areas of Speciality/ Methods of Mentoring Style:
Calm, patient, personalised, intuitive.   

 Business Sector(s):
Environmental businesses; Cooperatives; Social Enterprises. 

 Past Mentor Experience with Pre-Start/New Start:
I am currently a mentor on the Uprising Birmingham leadership programme for young people. 

 Past Work Experience:
I have worked in the environmental sector as a leader and manager for more than twenty years.  I have more than 25 years experience in the cooperative and social enterprise sectors as a leader, activist, consultant and mentor. 

 Contact details:
Email telephone 0779 183 9025  website  


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