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Melanie Bryan


Melanie Bryan OBE DL – your personal growthologist! 

 Knows her stuff. Comes up with ideas you’ve never thought of. Fills in the missing pieces. Shows you how to do it. And then – she actually makes you do it! How brilliant is that?”  

ST, Owner, Recruitment Agency 

 If you’re looking for practical support to apply now to grow your business then I can help! 

 As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is to know exactly what support you need, and what a big decision choosing a mentor is.  

 I have over 30 years’ experience of supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes and have helped over 2000 small businesses to grow. Along the way I’ve picked up awards which include an OBE, National Enterprise Champion and UK Top 50 Business Advisor. This means that I have both breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. As a growthologist, I translate this into practical ‘know how’ and ‘can do’ that you can use immediately to overcome challenges and take forward opportunities to grow.  

 So if you want someone who can show you the art of the possible using real-life examples; infect you and your teams with enthusiasm to achieve this; help you plot a practical route to get there; build your ‘can do’ to deliver (skills, knowledge and confidence); spot opportunities you may have missed; suggest approaches that have worked elsewhere; ensure nothing gets missed; and challenge and support you on your exciting journey – then I’d be honoured to work with you. And I promise we’ll have fun along the way! 

Warmest wishes,
07739 657 552


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