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Jaan Scott

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As a Mentor
I’ll be encouraging you to concentrate on those activities that create value for you, your business and your customers. Acting as an advocate for your development I’ll be looking to do that by offering a sounding board to bounce your thoughts and concerns off, as well as offering a second opinion from within a supportive environment focused on your success.

My knowledge, skills and abilities are at your disposal and I’ll be there to offer support whenever you need it. We’ll talk about how you plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be, and I can share my personal insights about experiences you may encounter on that journey. No matter whether you have a clear strategic view, a formalised business plan or just a vision and a great idea, don’t worry I’ll work hard to provide the right support for you to guide you and encourage you in equal measure.

Every mentor / mentee relationship is unique, and I will be looking to find ways to challenge how you think and also give you the confidence to take action and make decisive changes in your business. I’m open to sharing my skills, knowledge and expertise and I value the experience I can get from a successful mentoring partnership.

As a student of Textile Technology I began my career in Fashion, after a few years I diversified into the Technical Textiles sector where I established my own international businesses in advanced engineered materials.

Market Knowledge
Medical Devices – Wound care, Compression Therapy, Orthopaedic consumables

Composites – Carbon prepregs, Resin Transfer Moulding, Vacuum bag processing

PPE – NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) protection, fire proximity materials

Automotive – PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells, spacer fabrics, interior trim

Industrial – Phase Change Materials, Smart Fabrics

Contact Me

To explore whether I might be a match for your mentorship needs you can contact me at any time via
Mobile; 07580 145247

Jaan is unable to attend the ‘Meet the Mentors’ even on July 17th so as an alternative, to help decide if Jaan is the right mentor for you, please feel free to call him on 07580 145247 You can do this any time up to Monday 8th July and any-time after Monday 15th July.

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