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Iftikar Karim

Iftikar Karim

Hello, this is Iftikar Karim I am social entrepreneur and I have spent the last 25 years working within and being inspired by organisations that wish to make their communities better places and make positive environmental, social and economic impacts.

Most recently I have set up from scratch the first wood recycling community business in the Black Country which is now diverting over 110 tonnes of waste wood from going into landfill and upcycling most of this waste wood into high products see: . Social enterprise and community businesses are real business and create worthwhile jobs, training and volunteering opportunities.

I am a SFEDI accredited business advisor and have mentored the development and growth of numerous social enterprises and community businesses around the country, I can provide you with mentoring support on:

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies to explore and refine your business idea, testing the viability of the business idea through initial trading or other means

  • Identifying early stage financial and other support
  • Choosing the right legal structure and exploring related advantages and disadvantages
  • Choosing and making best use of the right business planning and financial planning tools
  • Understanding social impact and the resulting social value that your community or social business will create focusing this as a competitive advantage.

I work by sharing insights and experiences from the many trail blazing social businesses that we have in this country –  all providing tremendous inspiration and insight into how the power of community businesses can be used to make long term positive impacts to communities and people’s lives.

Get in touch if you want to discuss further on: or 01902 877530 or 07769 647 647

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