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Adele Bryant


Adele Bryant

Entrepreneur and success mentor

What can you contribute to a pre-start entrepreneur over the first year in business?
I can help you to learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur.  From understanding the practical side of running a business (like getting your head around your finances, sales or marketing) through to overcoming the overwhelm and barriers you may face.

I will use the benefit of my experience starting and growing companies to encourage, motivate and inspire you.  Together we will capture the vision that you have for your business and life, and then work to understand and follow the action steps required to achieve your goals.

Areas of Speciality/Methods of Mentoring Style:
I am a good listener and will create an environment where you will be comfortable to share your concerns and celebrate the successes that you have.  I will leave you in control of the decision making for your business but offer help and encouragement at every step.

My role will be to challenge and support you in equal measure.  I will encourage you to push your boundaries and go out of your comfort zone, because that is where you will start to exceed in business.  You won’t be alone though, as I will be there to guide and reassure you in an open and honest way.

Our time together will be relaxed and informal, but professional.  We will discuss practical issues for growing your business and you will leave each session with a sense of clarity and clear guidelines of what to do next and where to focus your efforts.

I am highly experienced in building brands and have the knowledge

Business Sector(s):
I have experience of working with start-up and established businesses in the following areas:

Art & Design,

Scientific & Technical,


Entertainment & Sports,

Education & Training,

Professional Services,

Technology and software innovation,

Building a business requires certain knowledge and skills, irrespective of the business sector.  I can help any business sector start-up company with the following:

Designing and building a profitable brand

Marketing yourself and your products

Getting and keeping customers

Understanding your finances

Understanding how to price your products / services

Launching products and / or services

Confidence building and keeping the right mindset

Time management and goal setting

Understanding the right sales and marketing strategies for your industry

Getting investments and raising finance

Past Mentor Experience with Pre-Start/New Start:
Alongside starting and growing three companies of my own, I am an experienced mentor, business coach and marketer and have worked very closely with hundreds of business start-ups, including approximately 60 on the BeInspired Scheme .  I have also worked with many established and growing organisations.

I have helped start-up companies to do the following:

Identify short-term and long-term goals for their business

Create a strong, meaningful and authentic brand

Generate their first income and create a profit

Establish good social media engagement

Focus on the core activities that will generate customers

Design and launch products; including software, a Kickstarter campaign and a fashion show

Overcome the frustration that can happen when starting a new business

Past Work Experience:
I started my career in the corporate world and then moved into small business over 10 years ago.  I have experience of launching multi-million pound products and large scale project management.  For a small business with ambitious goals, that means that I can help you to do the necessary planning and activities to succeed.

At the same time, I am experienced in working with individuals who are just starting out and are looking to take smaller steps.  I started my first business with only £300 and have worked with many business start-ups in similar situations.

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